Bc 800wf Digital Wi Fi Internet Bluetooth Music Player Radio Bc_800wf_Digital_Wi_Fi_Internet_Bluetooth_Music_Player_Radio


C-800WF Digital Wi-Fi Internet Bluetooth Music Player Radio Wooden radio For BC-800 series, there are 6 models according to different functions
1) BC-800DA: DAB/FM radio;
2) BC-800WF: WIFI/FM radio;with remote control;
3) BC-800WFL: WIFI/FM/LAN radio;with remote control;
4) BC-800WFB: WIFI/FM/Bluetooth radio;with remote control;
5) BC-800WFDA: WIFI/FM/DAB radio;with remote control;
6) BC-800ALL: WIFI/FM/DAB/LAN/Bluetooth radio;with remote control;
Product Description
Internet radio BC-800WF is compact and easy to set up. Once connected a huge amount of stations up to 22, 000 from all over the world, well categorized by genre, national region, local region, making it easy to locate. There is a "Favorite button" you simply press once to store your favorite stations all 250 of them. ♥ Main Features:
22, 000+ internet radio stations, 250 presets
EQ presets and advanced 8-band EQ that can be tuned to different listing environment per individual liking
Streaming music from mobile device which use UPnP or iOS, DLNA under same Wi-Fi
3.5 mm line out- you can connect to an amplifier or your existing sound system which then its more alive