1. Summary Developed by Guangzhou Yinxun, this product is a device for comprehensive services of broadband access. With optic fiber link, this product can provide 2 channels of 10/100Base_T data interfaces, 8 channels of 2Mb/s(E1) and 32 subscriber interfaces, and the said subscriber interfaces include FXO, FXS, 2/4 wire audio interface, 2/4 wire EM, RS232/V.24, magnet telephone, hot-line, V.35.etc. 2. Function features a)Diversified interfaces for varied services of broadband and narrowband access b)Provide 2 channels 10/100Base_T interface, 8 channels of E1 interfaces and 32 channels optional subscriber interfaces; c)The voice interface supports caller ID display d)CCB payphone application with polarity reversal; e)Perfect indications of status are available to facilitate maintenance and management f) With small size and compact appearance, and easy for installation and operation. 3. Working conditions Working temperature: 0℃~40℃ Relative humidity: ≤90% (25℃) Atmospheric pressure: 86-106Kpa 4. Power supply Input voltage: -48V Allowable voltage fluctuation: -36V~-72V Input current: <1A 5. Subscriber Interface Modules (optional) Ø FXO Ø FXS Ø 2 wire audio interface/2 wire E&M interface Ø 4 wire audio interface/4 wire E&M interface Ø RS232/V.24 asynchronous data interface Ø RS232 synchronous data interface Ø RS422 data interface Ø RS485 data interface Ø Magnet telephone interface Ø V.35 interface(n*64K bandwidth) Ø V.21/V.22 interface Ø G.703 64Kb/s synchronous data interface Ø 10/100Base_T Ethernet interface(100M/S share) Ø E1/2M interface 6. Scope of Applications This integrated multi-service transmission device is suitable for special network accesses of power station,airport,government,military and video conferencing or video surveillence.


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  • 1U Modular Fiber Optical Multiplexer

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