Natural honey is solid and this is a good way to prove its genuineness. This is a way to maintain its aroma and fragrance, its nutritional and therapeutic properties.

The honey is an energetic and rapidly absorbed food, being constituted by (fructose and glucose), which don't need any further digestion. From time immemorial it is considered a medicinal product.

As a food, honey is an excellent source of carbohydrate. It also has health benefits, improving the capacity of blood to carry oxygen, and preventing dehydration of the intestine and the softening of bone.

As a medicine "honey is used in hospitals as Apytherapy, for surgical dressings, high fever, burning skin, intestinal and gastric ulcers, colds and coughs, bronchial disease and diseases of the mouth and mucus membrane".

Honey is also used as an ingredient in cosmetics.


Other product for export is beeswax.

  • Honey products:
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Beeswax
  • Food preservative
  • Cosmetics

We are ready to do all types of tests that you request us to do from Highlands of Ethiopia.


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  • Ethiopian Natural Honey and Beeswax

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