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29 May 2015
The internet has revolutionised our very way of life, and as much as we have always loved shopping the internets has made it infinitely easier. Not to mention more expensive.As we shop and spend our w...
bangalore mane
22 May 2014
Business and Trade
The new well organized government is deciding to construt the heavy duty construction building for the needy peoples and make the country into developed country. The Government forming the cabinet for...
qiao qiao ding
04 August 2015
Concrete pump concrete to provide you with the following products and services:1, towed concrete pump, car pump, car pump excavator, loader, crane, mixer, cement tank, crane and other construction mac...
12 June 2015
Online Marketing
If you are a smaller company making can a decent profit can be tough. You are up against bigger and badder competitors who made be able  to afford more tech. You may not have a huge workforce. Ev...


We provide low cost on site advertsing solutions to small and middle sized businesses. You can be setup your ads in minutes and track your advertising campaign in realtime.

Some of the salient features of our advertising include:-

  1. Multiple Targeting Options and Untargeted Ads
  2. Contextual Or Keyword Targeting
  3. Geo Targeting
  4. Social Targeting
  5. Maximised Advertising Options
  6. Responsive designs to fit all mobile devices
  7. Variety of Options for your ad content
    1. Text Ads
    2. Image/Banner Ads
    3. Video/Flash Ads
    4. Combination Ads
    5. Affiliate Ads
  8. Full Management of Your Ads
  9. Invoicing through our real time payment processing system
  10. We currently support the following Payment through Check, Bank Draft or Paypal.

We can also provide you with banner designs or recommend appropriate (keyword based) text ads in case you require our service.

Click Here to create an ad with us now.

Contact us to find out more.

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