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Vertical type consecutive sputtering coating line


Vertical type consecutive sputtering coating line


Main applications:

Apply to the following production of:

1), touch screen, screen display, TCO transparent conductive glass for display;

2), AZO front electrode or metal back electrode coating for flexible material of solar cell;

3), metal deposition, non-conductive coating or color coating on digital appliance panel, PET/PMMA/PC organic panel;

4), EMI electromagnetic shielding coating for mobile, laptop, etc.

5), automobile headlight coating or decorative coating for decoration and upholstery.

Features and characteristics:

China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co. produce various models of consecutive sputtering coating lines adopting newly designed planar targets or rotary cylinder targets by way of flexible combination to enable to deposit metal film, alloyed film or realize dielectric film coating by reactive sputtering deposition technology. Designed with multi-chambers of block structure, it is essential and effective to realize large area consecutive production with IPC control system and color screen display as operation interface by whole process automation, available for extensive application in production of rearview mirror, appliance glass, architectural glass, automobile glass, ITO transparent conductive glass, FPD panel, digital product window as well as decoration and upholstery panels, etc.

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