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Top 10 Products Sold Online

Top 10 Products Sold Online

The internet has revolutionised our very way of life, and as much as we have always loved shopping the internets has made it infinitely easier. Not to mention more expensive.

As we shop and spend our way to the halfway mark of this year, what have been the biggest selling items for businesses and individuals alike? This top ten probably isn’t set out in the way that you expected it to be, so be prepared for a surprise or two - especially if you were hoping for good things in your industry.

The best part of the ‘net, for buyers and sellers, is that it has enabled us to trade almost anything and in as many numbers as can actually be handled. Goodbye car trunk filled to breaking point, hello to ordering en masse with your feet up.

Online retailers and traders have seen enormous growth in recent years, but what exactly has been feeding them? The largest of the trading websites, such as Amazon and Alibaba, have had a profound effect on supply and demand for many companies. Some items, commodities if you prefer, will never go out of date. These are the things that people are always going to want, need and purchase no matter what.

It is exactly these commodities that influence top ten lists like these. They can be mean the world of difference for the companies responsible for their manufacture and the manufacture of their component parts.

The online shopping explosion

Today online purchasing solutions have provided us with a whole world of possibilities. Not to mention opportunities to buy items that we would normally be exposed to. In a good way, of course. Does this spell trouble for the bricks and mortar retailer? Not at all. Those that shop traditionally still do so because they seek an entirely different experience. Online shoppers will still go to a physical store for certain items, even for the majority of purchases. In short, the traditional retailer should not have anything to worry about.

Extrapolating data from Forrester Research, and online sales from last year (2014), we can piece together the most popular online products of that year. This list may serve as an indicator of future trends but given the nature of the beast, anything below the top four can very well change at a moments notice.

Here then are the top 10 selling online products of 2014, in reverse order.

10 Shiny things, otherwise known as jewelry

When it comes time to buy that birthday present, or valentines for that matter, the Web really comes into its own. Casually browsing sites like Amazon is strangely satisfying, and brings back fond memories of the old catalogues (remember those?). Perhaps that’s why online shopping is so popular? Finding that perfect piece for that special someone has never been easier, or more relaxing.

9 Music

Admit it, you knew this would be in the top ten but you thought it would be higher - am I right? Sadly, this does not include digital sales or it most likely would be much higher than this. LPs, CDs and even the humble cassette tape help keep music in the top selection.

You have to wonder, though - who’s buying all those tapes?

8 Health and Beauty products

This market has really taken off recently, and wasn’t even in the top ten for 2013. The health and beauty industry is enormous and the only real question here is: Why has it taken so long for this to be reflected in online sales?

In 2014 one percent of the entire US market for these products was bought online. Doesn’t sound like much? The prestige beauty market brought in over $11 billion last year. The health and beauty industry as a whole made $55 billion. Does 1% still sound like peanuts?

7 Videos & DVDs

One of the world’s most popular mediums of entertainment has been declared to be video and DVD. It seems like staying home and watching a movie has outsripped our desire to be ripped off in the cinema instead.

In fact, the people of America spend almost double as much on the purchase and rental of DVD entertainment than they do on going out to the movies.

6 Toys & Video Games

Good news for manufacturers of the printed circuit board. Video games and console sales spiked last year, more so than normal even for the Christmas period. Two new ‘next gen’ consoles being released can do a lot for sales.

As for toys, the demand has been greater. As exposure to advertisements increase, so do the requests of our bright eyed financial burdens. If some statistics are to be believed, toy sales are set to generate over $500 million in the run up to Christmas this year. For comparison, the same period last year saw sales of $430 million.

5 Clothing

Thankfully, the clothes market is bigger than gaming. Thankfully? Kids may spend a lot of time playing video games, but at least they are doing it properly dressed. This year’s sales are estimated to reach $1 billion.

Plus, for the second year running, men’s clothing has been selling more than women’s. Read into that what you will.

4 Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are one of the biggest sellers at online retail outlets and has been for a few years now. The use of desktop and laptop computers, telephones, mobile phones and tablets continues to increase and is showing no sign of slowing down.

3 Software

As the number of people educating themselves on the finer points of coding increases, so too does online sales of their products. A single software product can generate enough sales to prompt the creation of a second, and so a shiny new software provider is born.

2 Computers, components and peripherals

If this moves from the number 2 spot, it won’t go very far. Over a million, brand new online shoppers are surfing the web every single day looking for exactly this kind of thing.

This has been one of the most profitable enterprises of all, and that is not going to change any time soon.

1 Books - digital and otherwise

With around half of all book sales now happening online, with actual numbers being touted as being around the 600 mill. mark, the claims that nobody reads anymore is clearly erroneous.

It may well be true that far fewer educational texts are sold now, but reading is reading and reading is fun dammit! Could you imagine a 9 hour flight without a good to stop you from doing something regrettable to the snorer next to you?

Whatever your particular industry of interest, there was sure to be at least one surprise here - but was it a good or bad one?

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