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Our HBT concrete pump and concrete pump prices

Our HBT concrete pump  and concrete pump prices

Concrete pump concrete to provide you with the following products and services:

1, towed concrete pump, car pump, car pump excavator, loader, crane, mixer, cement tank, crane and other construction machinery rental and sales.

2, we undertake the design and manufacture of towed concrete pump (full order to customer demand production).

3, concrete pump, car boom pump professional technical support (pumping scheme design, difficult troubleshooting, repair and maintenance).

4, concrete pump machine inspection maintenance.

5, all kinds of equipment spare parts distribution services

haomei machinery concrete pump is in line with "based on the survival of high-quality machinery and equipment, with professional technology and services to create value for the customer for the pursuit of objectives" of the spirit, is committed to China's most professional concrete machinery, construction machinery leasing and marketing business, the company will rely on its strong competitiveness, in the field of concrete machinery grew, the more do the more.

The core competitiveness

1, first-class equipment, both at home and abroad well-known brand towed concrete pump parts such as building all kinds of engineering machinery.Production workshop processing, maintenance, inspection and other supporting facilities.

2, professional technical services team, the company brought together a group of outstanding professional and technical personnel of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical equipment.Company adopts the international mainstream concrete pump design and manufacture idea, absorb the essence of the advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad, and built national institute of science and technology personnel joint development and production of new generation of our HBT series disc type, S tube type diesel engine pump and electric pump.

3, the company based on solid concrete pump design and manufacturing technology, carry out pump rental business.Has a strict training of concrete pump operating team and first-class maintenance technology service personnel team, existing HBT60 for leasing, more than 20 HBT80 type concrete pump units, and low taste high stock of spare parts warehouse, to ensure that meet all types of large and medium-sized industrial and public buildings, high-rise residential houses of concrete pumping construction requirements.On the basis of quality assurance, concrete pump prices are reasonable, and well received by consumers.

4, advanced services, management idea: to create value for the customer the pursuit of wealth is cloud Thai staff and goals.Company in line with people-oriented, guided by the elaborating management method, the company strictly in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system for quality management."Endless service, cloud Thai do best" is our service goal.


We know of the importance and the difficulty of the task as your project assistant, so we are ready, ready to go,haomei built machine person tenet is: "everything for customers, for customers all" haomei people look forward to cooperating with you common development, to save money for you, with our efforts and hands to create the most wealth for you.


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