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Merchandise Marketing Lesson

Merchandise Marketing Lesson

    Merchandise Marketing Lesson from Katy Perry

    Merchandising(see definition on can play a big value in a general flow of income of an artist; for many ringers income from a sale of goods is their one of the biggest source of revenue, second only to income from live speeches. Taking the needful steps to promote this further income flow is particularly significant for independent ringers, Merchandising income may permit them to finance a new design, such as albums and rounds. And of course, the goods may operate as a promo tool for artists.

   As integral merchandising is a ringer's career, I see just a few artists put a lot of pull into marketing their merch per the basic technique (promo it on their sites and pages on MySpace, create appealing table Merch on all of their shows, etc.). So I thought I would do some research to find an instance of artists whose products are treated as a high priority and is sold in interesting (and effective) ways; the best instance I have found so far is Katy Perry.

  • 1) You can wear your merchand.

    Wearing merchand is an extremely effective way that make a fans aware of it (just don’t go overboard with definite types of merchandise or you may come off as being too self promotional). Wearing your merch during a live performance or in a Youtube video are two ways you could implement this idea. When doing so, make sure your fans are aware that what you’re wearing is, in fact, your merch and be sure to let them know how they can purchase it (for the Youtube video, you could include this info and a link to your store in the video’s description).

  • 2) Get other ringers (or public figures) to wear your merchand.

    Getting a popular artist (or anyone in the public eye) to wear your merch is also an functioning way for creating awareness for it. Obviously, it’s easier for a well-known artist like Katy Perry to make this happen… It also helps if you have buzz-worthy merch like she did (i.e. “Katy Perry Slept Here” tees). However, independent artists can still do something similar on a smaller scale. For example, if you know another ringer (or if you’re touring with another artist), they might be willing to wear an item of your merch for one night if you return the favor, or if you expose them to your fan base in a different way.

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