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Instagram is testing hiding the number of likes


The number of likes will be hidden from viewers, the account owner will still have access to this data. An Instagram spokesman said the website wants people who follow a given user to focus on content, not the number of instagram likes they get. The news was made at the annual Facebook F8 developer conference held in San Jose from April 30 to May 1.

If the solution is implemented on a large scale, it is likely to confuse the influencer marketing industry. Social media stars working with brands are generally rewarded based on the interest their posts generate, including the number of likes. Hiding this data will increase the importance of other criteria, such as the number of people watching a given profile or the number of comments on a photo.

Psychologists point out that adolescent users of social media, including Instagram, generally attach great importance to the number of likes on posts and experience frustration when they feel not popular enough. Hiding the number of likes from other users, however, is a half-way solution, because the account owner still knows it and the need to compete does not have to weaken.

According to us, agencies cooperating with influencers will expect reports on the number of likes in the form of screenshots. 

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