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Future of Dedicated hosting in the cloud era.

 Do you have any plans to switch to cloud hosting and about to say bye to the traditional dedicated servers, because of exposure to cloud computing? This kind of exposure gives an indirect link that other forms of hosting are slowly losing their importance. Cloud hosting is beneficial and also occurs to be the obvious choice for the future.

There are many types of cloud and dedicated hosting services that can be offered to customers. The client needs to deal with dedicated servers in many instances. As Cloud and dedicated both have their own benefits and drawbacks and it is up to the hosting provider how he manages to offer a mixture of both while keeping business objective and technology in mind. Hosting provider may have to give a thought that whether to expand the cloud infra and get newer cloud-based services or to still go with dedicated server hosting and tap revenue out of it. There are some differences between Dedicated and cloud servers in which some are benefits and drawbacks first come to the deployment speed. The speed of deploying resources online for cloud server is less as compared to dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are best for security and compliance while in the hybrid cloud it lets you combine Public and private cloud or dedicated hosting to extend the advantages of each platform. Easy compartmentalization of resources is possible on the cloud for scalability, resources segmentation, and management but it dedicated hosting it is bit expensive. High availability (HA) cloud environment can be cost-effective and consumes less time for configuration as compared to building HA cloud on dedicated infrastructure with load balancers.

If we look for performance in cloud and dedicated servers, dedicated servers are the first choice of big enterprises who are looking for fast processing, retrieval of information and do not experience lag while performing.

Big enterprises prefer dedicated hosting due to speed, reliability and have more configurable other options than cloud. Giving up on dedicated hosting for a web host may not be the right option. If there is an availability of infrastructure and resources a web host should go for cloud hosting venture and bring in new technologies. A web host should have both the services and need to continue to offer these services as per the client's demands. It may be profitable, hosting both the services.

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