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Furniture Buying Tips

Furniture Buying Tips

When you buy furniture, ultimately it will be the quality that will determine how long the piece will last and how much it will retain its original appearance. Furthermore, the quality will determine how the comfort and satisfaction the piece gives to those that use it each day. Picture this scenario, you find a lovely piece of furniture on the internet that your wife just adores, it has pretty little flowers on it and the color fits perfectly with your room, do you go ahead and buy it because it looks pretty and the color fits? A word of caution – don’t do it!

There are certain steps that need to be covered before buying furniture to determine its quality. Always check on the frame first, is it kiln-dried? How are the joints constructed, are they glued or screwed and corner-blocked? Is it constructed with plywood to add strength? Next you should be thinking about the seating support, does it use an 8-way hand tied spring system to ensure durability and life? If not, find out the alternatives. Finally, always keep in mind the filling of the piece you are buying.

The highest quality filling to buy in giving the softest seating is down cushions, however, these tend to be high maintenance on a daily basis. Down combined with other materials or springs is also a good path to go down, however, this can often become very expensive to you as the consumer. The most common of fillings is high-density polyurethane. The higher the density of filling the more firm it becomes, so do bear this in mind in deciding and finding a quality piece. The filling is usually down to the preference of the buyer but these are a few quality suggestions for when considering which is best for you and your needs. Overall, remember that quality does not come cheap but that higher quality will result in longer life for your furniture and more comfort for you. The key is research and not being afraid to ask plenty of questions before buying.

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