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Factors in Handicap Betting

Factors in Handicap Betting

Many factors in handicap betting make it very difficult to place in cricket betting than any other sports. In one day internationals and twenty20 cricket the handicap is applied after the team batting first has completed their innings. This thing allows the bookmaker to place a run based handicap bet on the team batting second. For example: Team A bats first and scores 230 runs, At the innings break the bookmaker applies a handicap of +30.5 for the Team B, or -30.5 for Team A, Each side can then be backed to win the match after the handicap has been applied at the stated odds.


In some matches more than one handicap applied, with one price for team a applied +25.5 handicap and another for team a applied for +50.5 handicap. This type of straight handicap bet is usually offered as a live betting market, with odds changing as the game progresses. In handicap betting free betting tips for world cup are also available. Handicap betting is applied on both teams sometimes but it is difficult to place handicap in cricket compare to other sports.

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