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Evaporation coater with PECVD transparent protective coating system

Evaporation coater with PECVD transparent protective coating system




Car headlight is a familiar automobile part frequently used in our everyday life. It is able to reflect converged light given off from a bulb to one hundred meters away by the high reflectivity of headlight shade. Currently, 95% of headlight shades are aluminized by vacuum metallizing machines. However, the vacuum aluminizing process has fatal weakness, i.e. the oxidation. Here we also take headlight shade as example that aluminized layer on it is easy to get oxidated and as time goes on the surface of headlight shade will become yellow and turn dark, gravely tampering with its reflectivity. Contemporarily, many factories solve this problem by the process of transparent varnishing spraying as protective top coating after aluminizing coating. But by the technology of transparent varnishing there have following problems:


First, spraying machines and varnish material are costly in production;

Second, operation cost is much dear as highly purified workshop required and constant temperature and constant humidity system plus spraying machines consume substantial electricity;

Third, as aluminized substrate headlight shades should be taken out of vacuum metalizing chamber and shifted to varnishing spraying process, the contamination should be happened inevitably by dusty adhesion and substandard products are increased;

Fourth, as the issue of environmental protection is vitally important in our world, the varnishing process causes unavoidably pollution to nature, so it is an obstacle to export the products into world market.


China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co. has successfully solved the problems by the technology of twice coating completed simultaneously, i.e. aluminizing as base coating and silicon oxide deposition as top coating are achieved in one coating cycle without taking substrate products out of the metalizing chamber. It is the company innovation that the evaporation coaters are equipped with silicon oxide deposition system of the technology of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition.

The process is that after aluminization coating, the machine starts to gasify silicon oxide material by gas inflating with constant speed into the chamber under control of MFC and the gas ionized by plasma discharge between electrode panels is deposited on the surface of substrate products forming highly-dense, transparent protective film with characteristics of good chemical stability, excellent adhesion, resistance to alkali, acid fastness without any pollution to nature.

So the evaporation coaters with transparent protective coating system are extensively used in many industries in plastic, glass making, hardware, etc. to meet various industrial demands.


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