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Air Curtain.   An Air Curtain is a modern device which when installed on a door forms an invisible curtain of continuous air which restrict the escape of conditioned air and also prevent entry of outside hot, humid, dirty and unwanted polluted air.   Enviro Tech Air Curtains areavailable in two configuration (both vertical and horizontal) and 4 different velocities. They are suited for door opening ranging from 2. 5 ft. (0mm) wide to 8 ft. (2. 44 mtrs) wide and invelocities ranging from 7 m/sec. Or above as per customer requirements. These velocities are divided in 4 different groups for the convenience of our customers which are as below :  Normal Velocity : (7 to 9 m/sec. ) air curtain of this range generally used for internal doors, windows and such spaces where the outside wind velocity is not very high.   High Velocity : (10 to 12 m/sec. ) this is the most popular range of velocity for the air curtains required by the customers. This is used for internal as well as external doors.   Extra Velocity : (13 to 15 m/sec. )  air curtains in this velocity range are used for external door where outside wind velocity is very high or where it is very important that no dust insects or flies should enter.   Special Purpose : ( 13 m/sec or above). these air curtains are special purpose type and are made according to specific requirements of valued customers. These are ideally suited for dairies, food processing units or other application where it is extremely important that no outside air should enter the premise.
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