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In MLB gambling there are million of variables that must be factored into your betting online decisions.

Questions like: Who are the starting pitchers? Who has the better bullpen? Are there playoff implications involved? How many times has the opponent seen the pitcher? What is the opponent’s batting average against a left-handed pitcher? All these and many others must be asked in order to give yourself the greatest chance of success in MLB gambling. One thing that many people overlook, and that can often decide a game, are the managers. In MLB gambling it pays to be familiar with managers and their styles if you want to win.

Baseball is a game of great strategy and MLB gambling is no different. So it pays for bettors to broaden their own strategy by familiarizing themselves with the strategies of managers. This is especially so in close games. The decision to bunt, send in a pitch hitter, pull a pitcher, walk a batter, green-light a batter, are all small decisions with big outcomes that win or loose ball games. Those decisions fall solely in the hands of the manager and that’s why they receive those huge salaries.

It’s also why there’s such a high turnover rate in at the managerial level. In mlb betting it’s also important to know the nuances of the manager and as his staff as win-loss records don’t always tell the whole story. A prime example of this would the Florida Marlins manager, Joe Girardi. Only several years removed from his playing days, and having caught dozens of pitchers during his career, Girardi has an intimate knowledge of many pitchers in the league and has even compiled a detailed journal on many.

While his team is lousy and rarely wins, they often stand a good chance against certain pitchers due almost exclusively to their skippers inside knowledge. Ex-Girardi teammate and one of the top pitchers in the NL, Andy Pettite, was recently blown-up by the Marlins, while the rest of the Houston pitchers, further down the rotation, thoroughly dominated the Florida hitters. The Marlins will lose most of their games this year, but look out for match-ups where they face a pitcher that Girardi used to catch or that he has knows well. These represent opportunities for big paydays. So often in mlb betting, like baseball, the difference between winning and losing is in the details.

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